Relationship Reignition


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Getting to Know Your Partner Again


Because you still love each other and want a deeper connection to enjoy the amazing and joyful relationship that you both deserve, I have created this beautiful course that you can take at your own pace. This course will help you take the step that will bring you back to intimacy. The step that will help you remember why you fell in love; to reignite and keep that love alive.
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In this course you'll learn

This course is for you if:

If you desire one or more from the above list, then it’s time to come join me and reignite your relationship. Together we’ll show you the way out of your box of boredom and show you and your partner how to reignite your love.
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Getting to Know Your Partner Again

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Discover Beliefs that Keep You Two from True Intimacy

General interest.

Learn to Listen to Each Other with Your Heart

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Saying Goodbye to What Doesn't Work

Reclaim your Relationship

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Learn to Play Again

About Your Instructor

Kari Petruch is the owner of Highest Intent Life Coaching located in beautiful Georgetown, Texas. She is a proud mother of three, grandmother of eight, and married to the man of her dreams.

Kari has a lifetime of experience with many people and cultures. Having lived in many places in the world, she is uniquely qualified to help all people. Kari spent her young adulthood as a stay-at-home mom where she devoted herself to changing people’s lives by educating military families about the Individuals with Disability Act (IDEA) and volunteering as a parent advocate for special needs children.

Her biggest mission is to help as many people as possible to embrace the incredible joy and excitement they can achieve and live their best lives. Kari has helped many couples with innovative ideas and amazing tools through the years. Kari is the best-selling author of “Get Out of the Box and Into Play, the Secret to a Lasting Relationship”.

Kari Petruch
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Relationship Reignition

The Keys to Rekindling and Keeping That Fire Burning

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