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Growing up, Kari Petruch missed out on having a loving example of what marriage and love looked like. With no role models or examples to guide her, Kari’s first marriage ended after her escape to a domestic violence shelter. Kari’s breakthrough in discovering how to have a healthy and loving relationship has turned into a global relationship coaching business. For the last 10 years, Kari has been helping couples all over the world rekindle their love, find compassion, stop arguing, and find more joy in their relationships. As a master relationship coach and best-selling author, Kari teaches couples how to listen, relax, and discover how to play together again.

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Kari Petruch

Kari Petruch is the owner of Highest Intent Life Coaching located in beautiful Georgetown, Texas. She is a proud mother of three, grandmother of eight, and married to the man of her dreams. Kari has a lifetime of experience with many people and cultures. Having lived in many places in the world, she is uniquely qualified to help all people. Kari spent her young adulthood as a stay-at-home mom where she devoted herself to changing people’s lives by educating military families about the Individuals with Disability Act (IDEA) and volunteering as a parent advocate for special needs children. Her biggest mission is to help as many people as possible to embrace the incredible joy and excitement they can achieve and live their best lives. Kari has helped many couples with innovative ideas and amazing tools through the years. Kari is the best-selling author of “Out of the Box and Into Play, the Secret to a Long Lasting Relationship”.

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Think Unbroken Podcast Ep274

Kari Petruch, Master Relationship Coach, featured On The Think Unbroken Podcast In Episode 274: Finding Love After Abuse


Angel Tuccy

Bestselling Author and 

PR Media Specialist

"Kari Petruch has mastered the art of reigniting relationships. Her program provides a deep and caring approach that guides couples back into a passionate, romantic and honest place." 

Bill Walsh, 


Powerteam International

"If you are looking for a great relationship coach who is innovative, brilliant and caring, you should hire Kari today!"

Dr. Hoa Nguyen,

CEO and Co-Founder of 

Blacksteel Investment Group

"Kari has a special way of connecting with the audience and capturing people's hearts when she speaks from the stage. Her story and life experience has truly touched my heart and moved me. She is witty, inspiring and authentic."

Molly Killip Campbell, 

Best Selling Author

"Kari Petruch is a Master Relationship Coach. Kari knows the human heart and handles all the pitfalls and promises of confusing emotions with great care. The guidance she shares comes from her heart. She is dedicated to helping all couples get a fresh perspective on rekindling their passion. Kari approaches sensitive personal situations with kindness and a sense of humor. She gives pertinent expert advice that reveals ways couples can work to accomplish their goals. Kari is a very wise woman. Her insight and abilities in understanding the inner workings of your relationship will help you."

Dr. Wendy Labat,

 The Financial Healer

“Need a spark in your relationship to get the fire started again? Kari Petruch, The
Relationship Reigniter has the fuel for you. She is a master relationship coach that
can help you identify what is missing in your relationship that has caused the
flames to fizzle. The fuel Kari provides will get the fire burning, strengthen your
connection, and make the sparks fly again in your relationship.”

Topics of Expertise

Fun ways to reignite your relationship
Recognizing relationship dividers
Tools to remove relationship stressors creating more intimacy
Exciting tips for sparking romance
Reaching pure joy in your relationship

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