Master Relationship Coach, Strategic Interventionist and Owner of Highest Intent Life Coaching Kari Petruch has been helping people all over the world for a lifetime. A mother of three and a grandmother of eight, and married to the man of her dreams. She shares her home with her husband Ray in beautiful Georgetown, Texas. In her spare time, she enjoys singing, crocheting, driving her Mustang GT and going for Harley rides with Ray. Kari has a lifetime of experience with many people and cultures. Having lived in many places in the world, she is uniquely qualified to help all people. She grew up in a very tumultuous family environment that made it challenging for her to know what a great relationship could be. Knowing that she could find and learn different answers to what she had experienced, she set out to find those answers with research, learning and behavior changing tools. Her life changed and so did her relationships with her loved ones.Kari spent her young adulthood as a stay-at-home-mom where she devoted herself to changing people’s lives by educating military families about the Individuals With Disabilities Act (IDEA). This passion for helping children and parents to get the very best education possible led her to volunteer as a parent advocate for children with special needs. Kari later decided to accept a position at the Army Soldier Readiness Center where she helped to safely deploy and return our soldiers during the War on Terrorism.

She has created a beautiful “Course on Joy” Series for Couples and will soon create a new couples retreat. Kari continues to help many couples with innovative ideas and amazing tools and throughout the years she has witnessed, with joy, old relationships become new again.

She encourages you to read this book, smash those stifling beliefs and truly Get Out of the Box and Into Play!