How Listening Creates Intimacy

Some of you out there have been down this road before. Some of you have been married or in a long term relationship and you are not sure if this one will succeed. The reality is that many of you don’t know that the two of you are the ones who ultimately have the power to make a happy life together. There are so many tools for the answers to so many problems out there. What we don’t see much of is premarital training. Some people think that they don’t need to talk to someone about being married before they say I do. You may be one of them. See if you can find yourself in some of these statements.

A. We will decide how our marriage is going to be. We don’t need
anyone to tell us what to do.
B. This marriage will not be like my last marriage.
C. I don’t want my parents advice because they don’t know what it is like
these days.
D. Marriage is just like living together.
E. I will never parent the way my parents did.
F. If I cannot do whatever I want then my partner will just have to get
over it.
G. I will never let a man tell me what to do.
H. I will never be led by the nose by any woman.
I. I make the money, she takes care of the kids.
J. Moms should stay at home with their children.
K. Dads are responsible for taking care of the bills.
L. We are equal in this relationship.
M. It doesn’t matter what his/her religious beliefs are.

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