About Me

Welcome to Highest Intent Life Coaching!

Kari Petruch is the owner of Highest Intent Life Coaching located in beautiful Georgetown, Texas. She is a proud mother of three, grandmother of eight and married to the man of her dreams. Kari has a lifetime of experience with many people and cultures. Having lived in many places in the world, she is uniquely qualified to help all people. Kari spent her young adulthood as a stay-at-home-mom where she devoted herself to changing people’s lives by educating military families about the Individuals with Disability Act (IDEA) and volunteering as a parent advocate for special needs children. Her biggest mission is to help as many people as possible to embrace the incredible joy and excitement they can achieve and to live their best lives. Kari spends her spare time volunteering by helping military families to have happy lives. Kari has helped many couples with innovative ideas and amazing tools through the years. Kari is a soon-to-be published author. Her “A Course on Joy-The Pleasure of Truly Loving for Couples” will soon be released and she is happy to announce the development of a couples retreat.

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