That. A friend recently said this to me and I realized that I was not. There are consequences for not taking care of ourselves. I could flood you with evidence but then I would bore you with too much science and take up the time that I have for taking care of myself. We all have Google now and can look up that evidence for ourselves. Here is what you cannot look up.

What happens to you and your relationships when you choose to place people, places and things above your own needs? Only you know what your consequences are for you. Only you can understand how this affects the intimacy of your relationship with your partner. If your time is consumed with these things and the needs of others then your relationship will likely suffer. Now I pause…My husband is taking his lunch break and so will I.

30 minutes. That was all. We had a few moments together and a little lunch. Throughout the day we see each other because he works from home and so do I when I am here. I travel a bit. I also take breaks throughout my day in order to clear my mind and nourish my soul. But not lately. I fell into a trap of getting things done for people, places and things and neglected myself. How does neglecting yourself affect you and your relationship? Take a look and take action!

My husband says hello!

Many Blessings!

Kari Petruch
Master Relationship Coach