What are your favorite things to do together as a couple? Sometimes couples can get stuck in doing the same things together all of the time. To bring spice into your relationship, you can go to my website and download some things to do together that will shake things up a bit or you can discover some of your own.

Finding a hobby that you share together can be so much fun…or not.  If your partner gets stressed about it then the fun is gone. Start with some discovery. Take a look at things that you might not have considered. If your partner is a golfer, then learn to golf. If your partner loves to cook then be open to learning how to cook some of their favorite dishes. That is one way.

Another way is to find a new hobby together. Maybe one or both of you has always wanted to learn how to play a guitar or do ceramics.  Why not do that together? Maybe one or both of you has always wanted to learn ballroom dancing. Why not? The possibilities are endless.  The point is to spice up your lives. Why is this spice so important in a relationship?

Spice creates positive memories. When stresses come, couples can lean on these positive memories to remember their love for one another. Remembering that love can stop any argument. It is difficult to stay mad at the person you love when you bring a joyful memory to mind.  That’s why you create those memories together. 

Get busy and get into your joyful life!

Many Blessings!

Kari Petruch
Master Relationship Coach