So often in a long term relationship couples can forget and take for granted the person that is their help mate and partner. Affirmations help to keep that love alive. Do you forget to tell your partner about the loving things that they do for you? Take the time to give gratitude and love for what your partner contributes to your relationship. Some of the things that you can say thanks for might be:

Taking out the garbage
Doing the laundry
Making dinner
Changing the air conditioning filter
Emptying the dishwasher
Bringing in the garbage cans from the street

You get the general idea. Say thank you for these gifts because they are just as important as the gifts that are purchased. These gifts are given often and are usually under-appreciated. 

A client of mine complained to me that her partner never notices the things that she does for him. I listened for a while and then asked her how she appreciates her partner. She thought for a moment and realized that she doesn’t tell him that she appreciates what he does either. She asked how she could change this.

I explained to her that pointing a finger at her partner could lead to an argument but…if she tried to communicate her need to him in a different way then maybe she would have success. She approached her husband and told him that she had been remiss in appreciating all that he does for her and the family. She promised to do a better job of letting him know that she loves and appreciates him. He looked at her for just a moment and said, “I just love you! I will try to do a better job of appreciating you too!”

Maybe this would work for you in your relationship but if not…get creative. What ways can you show your partner just how much you appreciate them?

Many Blessings!

Kari Petruch
Master Relationship Coach