Tax Time

Oh Geez! Most people do not want to talk about this time of year. Many arguments begin and resentments are formed during this time. Here are some solutions:

Do not wait until April 14th to do your taxes!

Start a quarterly report system like businesses so that you can just do the numbers from your reports.

Have just one of you do the taxes and the other review.

Take a break every hour and talk about something that you enjoy together.

Pay someone else to do your taxes.

These are but a few of the options for you during this time. Remember that your partner is just as stressed about this as you are. Money matters are one of the big three in relationship difficulties. You can avoid most of your difficulties with money if there is total honesty. Where many couples get into trouble is when one or both are dishonest about their spending habits. If you are one of these people….stop.  No matter what you may believe, it is always better to be honest about what you spend then it is for your partner to discover later what you spent. It is difficult to stay on any kind of budget when the two of you are not honest. 

One of the couples I know are absolutely brilliant at money management. They clearly communicate their spending to each other. They, like myself, have a rule about just how much to spend before a call or text needs to happen. In your relationship, it would depend on your budget. If $500.00 is your limit and you are about to shell out more than that, talk to or text your partner. If your partner states that the two of you cannot do that this month then honor it. This really does work. Just try it!

Many Blessings!
Kari Petruch
Master Relationship Coach