Hello wonderful people!

Death. Who wants to talk about that? We have a thousand ways of describing death or telling people about death. So many have died during COVID 19. Somehow we have skated over the deaths that were not related to this virus. What we are not talking about is the deaths that occurred due to loneliness and isolation. A friend of mine said that she discovered who the people were that really cared about her during this scary time. Well….so did I. Did you? If you lost someone that decided to take their own life during this time, my prayers are with you. 

So many have given so much information about how to stop suicide. It will sound cold when I tell you this. My truth is that a person who has decided to end their life does not usually leave clues nor do they ask for help. One of my friends asked me why she didn’t know. I explained that our mutual friend had already made that decision and was so sure about that decision that they didn’t think that they needed help. 

There were so many other deaths of addicts and alcoholics. Some were clean and sober at the beginning of this virus for many years. Loneliness killed them. Most die of the disease of addiction. What keeps them together is the human contact with someone in recovery. We all grew apart with this fear of this virus. Some relationships ended and some were repaired. Still the sadness lingers and we slowly build back the social interaction that we once had. 

By the time you read this blog, it will have been a couple of months since someone who used to be very dear to me decided to drink himself to death. People knew that he wasn’t well but he would not be convinced to stop. He lost his will to live and just chose this way to leave. Death comes to us all. I went through the process of sadness for his family. I went through the process of sadness for the memories that we shared and the only thing that brought me peace was this pure thought. This man lived a life of physical trauma and pain. He lived a life of knowing emotional abuse and pain. He could not find peace or solace within or without. He is at peace now. Mine or anyone else’s judgment about his decision will not change the fact that he is finally at peace.

My husband gave me peace by opening his heart to listen and holding me while I cried. I pray your partner does that for you!

Many Blessings!
Kari Petruch
Master Relationship Coach