We continue this series about old beliefs from either childhood or young adulthood that have carried on for years. In this age of technology we have become addicted to constant attention. I received a phone call the other day. I was unable to answer the call and did not call back. There was no text or voice mail after the call. Since no message was left, I did not return the call. Then, a week later, I received a text that said that this person called me and wanted to know why I did not return the call. I simply stated that if that person wanted a return call, then it was important that they leave some kind of message stating that. The other thing that happened recently was that someone called and I didn’t answer the phone. That person called me four times. I was finally able to answer. This person wanted to know why I hadn’t answered the phone. I am here to tell you that the phone that I carry with me is not my master and nor should it be yours. I do not take my phone to the bathroom. I rarely talk on the phone while I am driving. So why am I talking to you about this? Here is the next statement.

Sharing love means that you text me at least once a day.

If you are in a relationship with someone who expects you to be at their beck and call everyday then you have a problem. Back in the dark ages, we never called someone while they were working unless it was an emergency. Today, people text someone while they are working and expect that person to stop what they are doing and respond. THIS IS NOT HEALTHY! THAT IS NOT LOVE! Loving someone takes an amount of trust. Even when you are married, it is vital that you have your own lives apart from one another and your lives together.

Sharing love does not mean that you must have constant contact with your partner!

Because your partner does not respond to you right away, does not mean they do not love you with all of their heart. If you are concerned about a response to an emergency then make a code together that means there is some kind of emergency. Ours is 911. Otherwise, my husband will respond when he is able. Yes, sometimes it is frustrating when we want to tell our partner something but we can be patient and wait. If you believe that sharing love means that you are texted once a day then I ask you to reexamine what love really means to you.

Many Blessings!

Kari Petruch
Master Relationship Coach