Happy Day to all!

Welcome to Part 3 in my series of addressing old beliefs about serious relationships. Today we are addressing an old belief that can be found on Page 31 in my book, Get Out of the Box and Into Play. Again, I remind you that the way that you have your relationship with your loved one is completely yours and founded in the agreements that you make with each other in the beginning of your relationship. Be clear about what your expectations are from the start and you will build an incredible foundation of love and intimacy. Here is the third belief.

Mothers should stay at home with their children.

Ever heard the phrase, “Happy wife…Happy life!”? There are some (men and women) who are absolutely cut out to stay at home with their children. There are those that are not. Let me tell you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with either decision. That is the choice that the two of you make in your relationship. There are millions of children who have two working parents that have grown up just as happy and well adjusted as those children who have had one parent at home. Let me add that it is just as erroneous to suggest that families must have a dual income to be happy and healthy. What’s the point then? The point is that if the two of you have decided what you want for your relationship and the relationship that you have with your children, then it is your choice. Unhappy parents make for unhappy children. What brings the two of you happiness together?

I have experienced friends that have made the decision to stay at home with their children for the first five years of life. Some were happy and some were miserable. What do you want your children to feel from you? What was my choice? I stayed at home until my youngest was 12. I had little part time jobs here and there. Why did I decide to stay? I have two special needs children. Their father was in the military and gone much of the time. It was my love for them and their needs that kept me available at all times. That was a decision that we made together as a couple. You and your partner need to make your own decisions. It is your relationship!

I have also experienced friends that have chosen to work. Those friends could not imagine staying at home with their children every day. The ones that did choose to stay out of obligation were absolutely miserable. Why be miserable? Again, I tell you that your children can feel your unhappiness.

Mothers should make their own decisions about what is right for them and their children!

Whatever your decision…your happiness and your family’s happiness is most important.

Many Blessings!
Kari Petruch