Hello all!
I have heard this saying throughout my life. Is that true? Could be. You as a couple decide your particular religious or spiritual practices. I have seen just as many marriages end up in divorce even though they prayed together. The point of spirituality is that each person decides how they connect with something bigger than they are. Each person decides how they do or do not want to share those beliefs.

In the past, I tried to make myself into what others thought I should be to include my spiritual beliefs. I do not do that today and I am adamant that everyone have the freedom to practice as they so desire. I am a very private person. My connection with my higher power is private. So is my husband’s and we are both okay with that. Do we ever discuss differing ideas or commonalities in our spiritual beliefs? Sure we do. Our prayer life is private and we keep it that way.

Prayer and meditation is key and essential in our relationship. What is your practice? It is important to tell all of you that whatever your decisions about your connections are your business. There is an old saying that says, “Never discuss religion or politics in polite society.” Whatever your decision about praying, meditating or connecting with your power greater than yourself, believe that your relationship is a private world.

So pray together or separately. Be who you are! The two of you know what’s best for you and your relationship!

Many Blessings!
Master Relationship Coach
Kari Petruch