Today I write to you about perfection. There is no such thing as perfect. When you look at your partner and focus on the shortcomings and imperfections and blame your partner for not living up to your expectations, you are not creating a union. It is in each other’s imperfections that we find love. Personally, there are so many things that seem imperfect about my own husband that are perfectly imperfect to me. What is it about your partner’s imperfections that make you love that person even more?

A client of mine spent a very long time telling me what was wrong with her partner. I then asked her this question, “What is it that your partner does that makes you laugh? It needs to be something that they do that is endearing to you.” She thought for a moment and then suddenly realized what I was asking. She responded, “He sings very badly in the shower and that makes me giggle every time.” I asked her why that made her giggle. She said this, “It isn’t that his singing is bad. It is that he loves what he is singing so much and is so full of joy that it brings me joy.”

There is so much joy in our imperfect lives. All of those little imperfections make us who we are. Remembering that we are all on this earth to learn and grow from each other is an amazing awakening. Lowering your expectations of the one that you love can give you such joy and peace. So what is the end of that story?

This client starting making lists of what she loved about her partner without judgment. That love list reignited her why of choosing this man in her life. Make your list! What goofy imperfections do you love about your partner? What are some of the silly things that they do that make you smile and/or laugh unwittingly? Those are the things that no one can ever replace!

Be kind to one another!

Master Relationship Coach
Kari Petruch