Family takes so many forms. This blog is not about how or what your family looks like. This blog is about the importance of having one. Relationships are messy. Families are messy. Why? Because we are humans on this earth living a human experience. We need our families to help us to learn what I believe is the most important human experience. Grace and forgiveness. Without this, you suffer.

Some of you are long-suffering. Some of you hold onto that resentment until death do you part. Have you asked yourself why? Do you see yourself as being above the person that hurt you? When we stand above others and judge their worthiness, does that make us more worthy? These are hard questions for consideration.

Coming closer to your partner means moving in the direction of grace and forgiveness. The only way to move in that direction is to let go of the need to be right. And so it is with our families. I was taking care of my grandson years ago for just a day. That little fellow became a little tired and a little grouchy. He decided that he did not want me to tell him what to do. That little guy folded his arms and began to pout. I sent him to another room. I didn’t call it a time out. I called it a time to think. There were no time constraints on that sweet boy. I simply told him that he needed a break and time to think about how he was acting toward me.

Within a couple of minutes, he was okay and came back into the room to rejoin me. This little child was taught the lesson that it is okay to walk away for just a few minutes when a situation seems too overwhelming. It is okay for you too. Instead of building a structure full of cracks and a bad foundation, take time to think and repair what needs to be repaired. When you are ready to rejoin, do so with grace and forgiveness.

All love and honor!
Master Relationship Coach
Kari Petruch