One of the greatest gifts of being in a loving relationship is cuddling. This intimacy cannot be replaced. We need that time for intimacy, touch and comfort. Each and every one of us needs cuddling. It is not a male or female issue. It is a human issue. We are born needing human touch and we live our lives having this need until we die.

A couple came to me with this very problem. The wife claimed that the only time her husband touched her was when he wanted sex. His answer was that she never wanted sex. I just smiled. I told them to listen to an artist’s song that I pulled up on my phone. Without naming who the artist is, she sings about how she needs to be loved all day in order for him to be loved at night. If you know the song then you know who I am talking about.

The differences between each person’s needs can sometimes seem insurmountable. They are not. We make a commitment to each other. That commitment sometimes means meeting our partner’s needs. There are so many little things that can improve that connection but the one major factor in any relationship is human touch. Cuddling is a part of that touch.

Cuddling provides intimate communication between two people. The energy that flows between the two of you cannot be replaced. The more there is a lack of physical contact between the two of you, the greater the divide. So I say with all my heart…Cuddle!

Beautiful blessings!
Master Relationship Coach
Kari Petruch