Today my blog is from my own heart. I recently had a medical scare. I will be just fine. What I learned from this scare is how absolutely important your partner and your valued loved ones are to you. We are not always healthy. We are humans and things can and do go wrong with our bodies. The question is…how can you best support the ones you love through these trials? How can you serve the one that you love with compassion and understanding?

Sickness means that we are not at our best. We are not at our best physically, emotionally and sometimes spiritually. Some of us overreact and some of us just need special attention. There are some of us though that think we can do it all on our own and will not ask for help. This will leave your partner feeling helpless. Help your partner to help you!

My husband was feeling as if he could do nothing to help me. I am that person that is used to doing everything on my own. So, I changed. I asked him to help me with the dishes after cooking dinner because my strength was gone after making dinner. He did not realize that I needed him so much. The next day, I asked him again and told him why.  Then he did. Please understand that I love cooking and I like the cleaning up. I couldn’t do it. He began helping me so that I could do what I love. I am not fond of eating out. I would rather cook.

It takes courage to ask for help. Learning to do this in a relationship is key. Remember that you are partners and have each other’s back. Our serious relationships are where we are most vulnerable as people and having the acceptance, support and understanding are vital to our ability to trust. We trust our partners as much as we trusted our parents to care for us when we were in need. If you didn’t have this caring from your parents when you were young, you have it now. Please accept your partner’s gifts of help and love. You are worth it.

All wellness to you!
Master Relationship Coach
Kari Petruch