This question has been posed throughout time. As long as humanity has been on this earth, we have asked ourselves this question more often than any other question. Who am I? How is this important to my relationship with my loved ones? Why do I need to define this? If you are asking these questions of yourself then BRAVO! It is truly when we get to the point of self-examination that we are ready for growth. Begin by asking yourself what is important to you. Ask yourself what you would like your relationship to look like? What is the meaning of happiness for you as a couple?

The world likes to decide for you what your relationship should look like. I propose to you that only the two of you can or ever will know what your relationship should be. I may give you suggestions or tools to use. I may even propose strategies that will help you to have your best relationship, but, ultimately, you are the two experts on what works best for you. With all of the people out there who state that they have a solution for your problems..I propose to you that only the two of you can decide on the solutions to your problems. Your relationship is special. Your relationship is as unique as each of you are.

What does your relationship look like? How would you like it to be different? What about your relationship with your loved one would you love to keep? How can I help you to achieve that goal? These are questions that you can ponder. I love to bring couples to the love that they have for each other. What brought you together in the first place? What is your story together? Stop for a moment and remember the magic that was the two of you before the world happened. Remember when the world didn’t matter? Remember when your loved one was the only person you could think about? Remember how important your loved one’s wants and needs were?

Get back to that. It is the thing that is you two. It’s that draw that no one else can understand. You are worth the effort of keeping this alive!

Master Relationship Coach
Kari Petruch