When and where did you decide that hiding things from our loved one is okay? Hiding your actions from your loved one will foster mistrust. Taking a risk and trusting that your loved one will still love you no matter what decisions you have made is a key and essential component to any good relationship. This is a tough stance and needs to be said…by me…right now. Honesty requires courage. Dishonesty is cowardice. I know that you may think that these words are harsh. When you are loving a person, you commit to letting that person into your life in a very amazing and intimate way. Dishonesty has no place here. Holding true to the spirit of love and forgiveness is a difficult task. Making excuses and telling lies is the easy way out.

Hiding is deception. Oh, but before you have your ego up in arms, embrace the truth. It is incredibly easy to deceive until you are caught. How much money did you spend when you went shopping yesterday? Maybe you actually spent $297.00 but you told your loved one that you spent $200.00. That doesn’t sound so bad…right? Yes it does. What if that amount changed to the cost of a car? Is there a difference between $25,997 and $35,997? Oh now we are talking thousands instead of hundreds. When you practice to deceive with the smaller things in life and get used to doing that, it makes it doubly easy to do this with larger amounts of money.

Life with your partner does not have to be this way. You can choose to have an agreement with each other about the amount of money that you spend. So…my husband and I have an agreement that anything that exceeds $500.00 deserves at least a call and a discussion with each other. We are partners in life and we deserve to be respected and honored. Doesn’t your spouse deserve the same honor and respect?

Have a sit down with your loved one and decide to have truth in your relationship each and every day. It might be tough at first but eventually you will find the ultimate comfort and intimacy you are craving.

Do the next right thing!

Master Relationship Coach
Kari Petruch