Walking is such an amazing tool. It is one of the most effective ways to really breathe in and breathe out. Do you walk? Some people think that they don’t have time to walk because their lives seem so busy. Mostly I hear that people actually enjoy walking when they take the time. What does walking have to do with relationships?

When you are angry…take a walk.
When you are sad…take a walk.
When you want to listen to your favorite music….take a walk.
When you need some peace…take a walk.
When you need some space…take a walk.

Walking helps us to ground spiritually. We need to be connected with nature. Our sense of well being depends on this connection. Walking together as a couple can bring the most beautiful connection too! Deep conversations about feelings or dreams or hopes for the future can happen there. Becoming a child for a moment and noticing the wonder of the world around the two of you can also happen. You can walk in the rain and play in the puddles because that is what you want to do. You can walk across a field and enjoy the grass or take a walk in a forest and stop to amaze in the glory of nature. You can walk through the streets of a busy city and take time to sit and watch what others are doing while they are walking.

All of this is an opportunity for the two of you to spend quality grounding time together. That time creates such intimacy and it costs you only a moment of your most precious commodity…time. Waiting to have time to do this is just an excuse for not doing. We do not make time and we cannot ever get more of it.

I am challenging all of you. Take that walk with your partner…rain or shine…every week for six weeks. Please write to me and tell me what happened to the two of you. I believe it’s magic!

You and your partner are the most important people in your relationship and you have the power to get out of your box and play.

Master Relationship
Kari Petruch