Are you taking your children with you on your dates? Stop it! Sounds pretty harsh, huh? Well good! If you are dining out with your children and you believe that this is the way that you can spend quality time together it just ain’t so. isn’t fun for you. It isn’t fun for your children. And it isn’t fun for the people who are in a nice restaurant listening to your child scream about not liking what you chose for them to eat. No one is having fun! If you must take your children out to dinner, then do so where it is fun for them but don’t count that as time together for just the two of you. Dining with children is NOT a date!

It can be really scary these days to leave your children with anyone. I completely understand. If you don’t have a family member who can watch your children while you leave for a couple of hours then what do you do? When your children are little this can be quite a difficult time. A scheduled bedtime needs to be in place. Your children need more sleep than you do and the two of you need your special time together. Do your nightly routine with the kids and put them to bed. Then make dinner together. Do this once a week. Pick a night that is just for the two of you! Make it fun! If you run out of ideas for things to do and you are reading this blog then you are on my website and have full access to my 50 Fun Things Couples Can Do for Fun. Just go get it!

If you have teenagers…they should be completely capable of spending a few hours at home without you. This downtime together serves the two of you in many ways.

You can spend time rekindling your relationship.
You can spend time talking about the subjects that you enjoy.
You can have some fun together!

Dating each other throughout your relationship helps to keep you together. If you allow outside influences to put a wedge between you (yes..this includes children), the consequences could be divorce or a loveless relationship. What you don’t want to happen is to wake up after your children are grown and gone and say, “Who are you and when did you move into my house?”
Just sayin’.

You and your partner can decide to make your relationship a priority. You have the power to change!

Master Relationship Coach
Kari Petruch