Let’s start this one off right away with your list:

  • We do the same thing every day.
  • We have the same sex every time.
  • We eat at the same restaurants.
  • We have the same friends over.
  • We eat the same thing every week.
  • We talk about the same things every day.
  • We never go anywhere.
  • We never go on vacation.

Blah. Blah. Blah. Excuses. Excuses. Excuses.

It is said that boredom is laziness. Do you remember being a child and telling your parents that you were bored? What did they say? Mine told me that I had better find something to do or that they would find something for me to do and I might not like what they pick. I can assure you that I got busy entertaining myself.

We learn at a young age (Who knows where from?) that saying we are bored gets some kind of reaction. What we really mean is that we want to be entertained.

All living takes some kind of active participation in life. Shake up your life! Ladies, I promise you that if you stand in the kitchen to make dinner with nothing but an apron on, your husband will definitely be interested. Gentleman, I promise you that if you start bringing home flowers for no reason and surprise her by making dinner for her she will definitely be interested.

If you are bored with each other then you are both boring. You have the power to juice things up in your relationship! Find what makes the earth move for you. What makes your spirit soar? Go for it. If you won’t do the work then stop complaining about being bored. The only problem standing in your way is you! Need some inspiration? Go and grab that freebie here on my website. You know…the one you bypassed to read this blog? Decide to spice it up or….just stay boring. Your choice.

You and your partner have the power to create even more joy and excitement in your lives together. Get after it!

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