Most normal people do not like to be sick. The illness is upsetting. Illness upsets the balance of our lives. It is an inconvenience that so many complain about. Some even complain when their loved one is sick because they must take care of their needs. But…what would happen if you turned how you feel about all of this around. What if this was an opportunity to give or receive that special care that only someone who loves you can give or receive?

There is something incredibly special about having your partner by your side when you are ill. Having a partner who will make that chicken soup for you or fluff your pillows is amazing. Being able to make that soup (or go and buy it if you don’t cook) is also just as important.

Years ago, I overheard a group of ladies complaining about their husbands when they were sick. One of them said her husband insisted on having a bell. Another one said that her husband would whine every time he needed something. Still another lady said that her husband insisted on having at least three boxes of tissues by his side and wanted her to throw away his used tissue. Then, out of the blue, a fabulous woman looked at these women and what she said shut the discussion down. Here is what she said.

My husband held my long hair away from my face every day that I threw up in the toilet with morning sickness. He traveled to the store for ice cream at eleven o’clock at night for me while I was pregnant. He was by my side through every minute of my labor and held my hand during the birth of our baby. After our child was born he took turns getting up with the baby until the baby slept through the night. He was pooped on and thrown up just like me and never complained. He held me while I cried because I was so exhausted and my hormones hadn’t balanced out. That is just some of the incredible love that my husband has given to me over the years. If he wants three boxes of tissues because he has a bad cold and wants me to be there to hold his hand then that is my opportunity to love him back.

In every relationship, you have a choice to make. You can choose to love your partner the way you want to be loved or you can choose to be miserable. What is your choice to be? You are responsible for your happiness. Choose wisely.

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