1. Walk in the rain.

Think about this. Why not splash in those puddles?  If it is warm enough outside then why not get soaking wet? The beauty you can see in the rain is something to share together. You can share the water dripping off the leaves and trying to catch it as it falls. You can notice the weight that is on a flower when it is covered in rain and talk about how when the sun comes out that the flower will recover so quickly. All the world looks very different in the rain. Most don’t bother to notice. Create a memory of something that most don’t bother to create.

  1. Wash the car.

Water again. Why not have fun with it? Chase each other around with the hose! Make sure you have your favorite music on and dance with each other in between sponge dips.

  1. Crazy dinner.

Pull out a bunch of things that don’t go together that you thought you would use but didn’t out of that cabinet or freezer. You know…the one piece of chicken that you thought you would use or the one piece of sausage left in the freezer. How about that one can of green beans or that tomato that will go bad if you don’t slice it up? Be creative and make something fun with what you already have. Do it together and giggle while you eat your crazy dinner!

  1. Love notes.

Both of you sit down with that sticky note pad that you have had for years. Write down at least 20 things that you love about each other. Write one on each note. One of you hide the notes and then the other. (No peeking). Now see how many of them you can find!

  1. Play a card game.

This may seem old fashioned to you. If you don’t know any card games then take the time to learn one. You can find this on Google. Playing a card game may sound kind of silly but this will give you time to talk and laugh with each other.  Share great times or funny stories with each other when you are playing.

So many couples forget that the best times with each other are when they are playing and spending time together.  I hear couples talk about how life just gets in the way of these things. I tell you now that you two will be with each other when the kids are grown so make time for each other now.  If you want to have that lifetime of wonderful memories to share when you get old then you might want to consider creating them.

Kari Petruch

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