There’s a great deal of talk out there about having a date night for you and your partner. Date Night is a time where you set aside time whereby you are exclusive with your partner. What does Date Night mean to you? Does date night mean going out to dinner and a movie? Does date night mean going to a concert? If your idea is along the lines of spending money then you are missing the point. Let’s look at that dinner and a movie.

John and Mary have two children under the age of five. They are thinking that they might want to go to dinner and a movie. The grandparents are busy so that would mean finding a sitter. They don’t know any. Well there goes date night. Suppose they do know someone. What would be the average cost of this date night with a sitter? Today that moderately priced date night would be at $150.00. That is a conservative estimate. This is why so many parents don’t do this.

But why does your date night have to look like this? It doesn’t.

There is another option:

Delay dinner for the two of you until after the kids are asleep. Hopefully your children have a reasonable bedtime.

Make dinner together and enjoy.

Rent a really great movie that you both haven’t seen. Pop some popcorn and enjoy. 

The cost of this just dropped to an estimated $20.00

The real point of Date Night is quality time with your partner without stress. Expensive dinner…stress.  Expensive sitter and being away from your young children…stress.  Cost of movie with popcorn…more stress. Being a young couple with small children does not mean that you have to forsake your relationship with each other.

Remember that when those babies are grown and gone you absolutely do not want to turn to the love of your life and say….Who are you again? Didn’t I marry someone who looked like you a long time ago?

Many Blessings!

Kari Petruch

The Relationship Reigniter

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