When was the last time that you said thank you to your partner? Sometimes people in long term relationships begin to take each other for granted. One of you just assumes that the other one knows that you appreciate how they contribute to the family or relationship. Couples sometimes forget gratitude. When your partner doesn’t do what they would normally do around the house, do you criticize? Do you ask your partner why they didn’t take out the trash or why they didn’t finish the laundry? Do you complain when things aren’t done but never praise them for what they always do? If you are doing this then you are taking your partner and their blessings for granted.

I love to cook and my husband does not. He loves to eat! We have chores that we like to do and we have ones that we do not like to do. He is very giving and very helpful and we have a wonderful way of getting those things done in the home.  He doesn’t usually empty the dishwasher. Lately, I have been very busy. My husband has been emptying the dishwasher when he sees that it needs to be done. I never asked. Every time he has done this, I have thanked him and let him know how much I appreciate him. 

Sometimes those gifts between each other come in this form.  Don’t let those gifts slide by.  Even if your partner doesn’t care if you thank him, do it anyway.  Notice all of the time.  If life gets in the way and you think you will forget…then put it on a post it note. Hide it in their underwear drawer.  What makes a relationship work is work. Read that again.  A good relationship is an investment of sorts. The more you give…the bigger your returns. 

The next time you think that you might want to get angry at your partner for not bringing in the garbage cans…you do it. The next time you see that the laundry needs to be folded…you do it.  When life gets in the way, be that help mate. It isn’t about who’s job it is…it’s about caring for each other.

Many Blessings!

Kari Petruch

The Relationship Reigniter

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