How do you talk to yourself? Do you call yourself names when you can’t find something or you do something that you don’t like?  STOP IT!  As I have said many times, you are the best thing that is ever going to happen to you!  So how do you change this behavior?  Mirroring.  It is time that you see yourself.

Say the negative things that you say to yourself while looking in a mirror.  What do you look like?  Is your face sad or angry?  Do you see the same expressions that your parents used when they were angry with you?  If you can’t do this, run straight to the mirror and look at yourself the next time you are telling yourself negative messages.  Is this what you want for yourself?

Now it’s time to practice something different!  Go to the mirror and tell yourself that you love yourself.  You might feel silly and laugh.  That is good.  Now tell yourself that you are an amazing person!  We all are amazing people!  After that it is time for you to tell yourself about the gifts that you have to offer yourself and the world.  What does this look like?  Well, here is an example:

I am the best thing that will ever happen to me.

I love and accept myself just the way I am.

I am enough.

I am loved.

I am strong.

I am compassionate.

I am charitable.

I am honest.

The list could go on but you can get the general idea.  Watch your posture and the expression on your face.  So what if your parents never said those positive things about you.  It’s not about them….it is truly about YOU!

Be good to yourself and it will radiate throughout the lives of everyone you touch!

Many Blessings!