Today is the first day of the rest of your life!  All of your yesterdays are gone.  Tomorrow is not yet here.  Living for today means letting go of those beliefs and patterns that yesterday brought so that you can enjoy now.  You can practice letting go by changing your patterns of behavior.  Some of those patterns that you have put in place can limit you. 

What have you been avoiding in your life?  Do you avoid angry people?  Maybe you avoid taking care of your finances.  Whatever that avoidance is, you have created a limiting pattern to keep yourself from facing that fear and freeing your spirit. 

What would happen if you confronted and overcame that fear?  Would your world cave in?  I know that it would not.  Remember that courage is not the same as bravery.  Courage is having fear and deciding to walk through the fear.  The walking part requires some sort of faith.  That faith can be in yourself or something bigger than you are.  How would you feel about your life if you changed that pattern by confronting that fear?  Would you feel free?  What would you do if that fear did not limit you?  Your possibilities become endless when those chains are broken.

At times, those fears can keep you from experiencing joy in your relationships. Limiting ourselves with our fears can limit our ability to be truly intimate with our partners.  That limitation on our intimacy interferes with your ability to create and enjoy that love that you truly desire. Change those patterns and free yourself from the bonds of fear.

Many Blessings!