Interestingly enough, many believe that there needs to be a problem to enlist a life coach.  Although many clients do have problems that they need to work out, not all do.  Some clients want more.  Do you want more?  Do you want the very best that your life has to offer you?  Life coaching is here to help you to grow, evolve and understand.  What is amazing is that if you have problems in your life, the natural consequence of this growth is the falling away of those problems.  Problems are not ignored during this process but our focus is more on the positive possibilities.  The result of this optimism is astounding.

Do you want to try a little experiment?  Have a short conversation with someone who is stuck in their negative world and problems.  Continuously give positive feedback to that person during that conversation.  Usually one of two outcomes takes place.  Either the negative person leaves the conversation in order to find someone who will commiserate with them or their entire attitude will change. 

In order to help yourself you can do the same thing.  If you are feeling negative and everything is feeling overwhelming then try some positive pretending.  Sit quiet for a few moments and think about all of the good things that could happen.  Tell yourself that you are a wonderful creature and belong in this world.  There are things for you to do and accomplish and that there is no growth without pain.  You are a strong person and can handle the challenge that has been given to you. 

How does positive pretending work?  Just like this:

I am so frustrated with my job.  I really hate working here.  My boss sucks!  Why do I always get stuck with the crap work?   TURN IT AROUND!

I am so grateful that I have a job that I earn money for.  That money is important for me to eat.  Someday I will be able to get a better paying job.  I am paying my dues now.  My boss is really hard on me because she knows that I am good at what I do and she wants me to continue to perform to her standards.  I have a great boss who cares about the company and her employees.  Someday I will be the boss and I will take with me the valuable lessons that she is teaching me.  I am grateful for all of the work that I am given because it helps to make my days go faster so that I can return home to do what I really love to do with my spare time.

That sunshine can completely change your attitude and takes about one minute.

Many Blessings!


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