Let’s talk about the Power of Your Voice!  It is said that only 13% of our communication with others is with words.  Most of the messages that we receive on a daily basis are centered in the intonation and inflection of our voices as well as our physical response when we are communicating.  As you well know, it isn’t what you say but HOW you say it that really makes an impact on yourself and others. 

Your voice is very important for you to hear!  The messages that you tell yourself can help you to manifest the life that you desire.  Negative messages produce negative results.

I can’t.

I won’t.

They won’t like it.

It’s too difficult.

Maybe someday I could do that, but not right now.

What if I fail?

These messages will stop you from growth and will block your way to your desires.  These are commands to yourself that you were taught.  These commands can keep you from reaching your highest possible potential.  The following messages are just as negative in their power.

I will try.

I am hoping I will…

I am trying to…

I am not sure if I want to….

Trying is a conditioned thought pattern that was given to you in order to hold you back.  Trying has very little or no results.  Trying is mostly an excuse for not doing what is needed.  In making a decision to say that you are trying, you are refusing to commit to change.  Have you heard the expression, “Don’t try. Do it!”?  That is what your Power is about.  It is about DOING!  These following messages are great to give you the Power that you need to succeed.


These commands and those like it launch you into growth and contribution.  This is how you can manifest your desires.  Commands like these are unconditional and promote the realization of your wants and desires.  Your mind, body and spirit respond to these commands and that will help you to move forward in your life.  Change your commands and Find Your Power!

Many Blessings!


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