Greetings to all!

This one is for those of you who are in a romantic relationship or hope to be.  Are you stuck in your relationship with your significant other?  Has life become so routine that you romanticize what life used to be like before when you were courting each other?  You have the power to change this!  Life does have it’s ebb and flow just as our emotions do.  We have times of excitement and times when there is routine.  Rekindling a relationship is so much easier than it sounds.  I have heard and seen many writings on what to do to “save” your relationship. 

I will give you one simple tool that could completely change your relationship for the better.  Change YOU!  If that sounds strange to you then read this:

Joe and Mary had a wonderful romance.  Joe asked Mary for her hand in marriage.  They married and went on a beautiful honeymoon.  Joe and Mary spent the next couple of years having delicious moments together that included passion and sweetness.  Mary and Joe then became parents.  Joe started playing golf once a week and Mary stopped talking about life with Joe.  Mary claimed that she just wasn’t interested in golf and Joe claimed that Mary just didn’t have time for him anymore.  Now Joe and Mary had begun to believe that their marriage was over.  In stepped their friend.  Mary was told that she needed to learn all she could about how to play golf so that Joe could tell her about the game that he so loved to play.  Joe was told to watch the kids so that Mary could go to the store alone once a week.  Joe began to tell Mary about his golf games and the people that he played with.  Mary began to tell Joe about the people that saw at the grocery store.  That beginning started the romance all over again.

It takes work to keep a relationship with anyone that you care about.  When you are in a relationship, it is important that you are heard and that you listen to that loved one.  Wasn’t that what really put you together in the first place?

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Many Blessings!