Let’s talk about guilt.  Guilt is anger turned inward.  Guilt and addiction run hand-in-hand.  Action is the only answer to solving the guilt problem.  If you did or said something for which you owe an amends, then get after it.  The only problem with amends is your own ego.  The price you must pay for not making an amends is the price of you!  If your guilt is because you are not taking care of yourself then that is another problem entirely. 

If you have an addiction to food or any other substance, then it is time to change that behavior.  One of the first steps to changing that behavior is to recognize and embrace it.  You can make a beginning by recognizing that behavior and thanking that behavior for what it has done for you.  Does this sound a little nutty?  Think about it.  What does that behavior do for you?  Does it comfort you?  Does it help you to cope with your feelings of unworthiness?

The next step may sound just as nutty!  Don’t stop that behavior right away.  Simply begin with replacing that behavior with a healthier option.  Instead of deciding to eat that box of twinkies, go for a short walk.  Keep doing that until it becomes a habit.  Eat that box of twinkies if you must…just add the walk.  When this becomes a habit, try something else.  You could decide to listen to your favorite song and dance around the living room if you like.  Just do something other than that thing which is hurting you.

Taking care of yourself will always improve your relationships with others!

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Many Blessings!