Have you been wondering how you got where you are?  What happened?  Were there goals that you wanted to accomplish years ago?  What were your dreams?  What were your hopes?  Have you settled for what life dished out to you because your dreams were not “in the cards”?

You got where you are largely based upon your own choices.  That may be a tough one to hear.  One man said that he didn’t choose to become a father at the age of 16.  He was adamant about this with me.  Oh but didn’t he?  He was old enough to know that engaging in sexual activity could produce a baby.  The consequences were taught to him but, like all young people there is a sense that that will never happen to them.  So, like it or not, he made a choice.

There are events that happen in life that we do not have any choice in.  I am not talking about those things.  I am talking about the decisions that you are given to make on a daily basis.  Understanding that you choose your path daily.  You choose to get up on time.  You choose to go to work.  You choose to pay your bills.  You choose to feed your body.  The list can increase.  In the same way, you alone choose misery.  You alone choose to be full of anger and resentment.  You alone choose to wallow in sadness.  Get out of yourself and Find Your Power!

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Many Blessings!