Marcus Aurelius wrote, “Even if you were to live thousands of years, remember the only life you really have is the one given to you now.  The present moment is the only one there is, and the only one you can truly lose.  The past is memory and the future an idea”.  What past are you living in?  What suffering from your memory are you nourishing?  What future fear that hasn’t come to pass are you feigning from?  It takes an incredible amount of courage to face this fact and to decide to take the challenge of change.  You do have that power and you can change your life!  It all begins with you!

I met a woman years ago. She was standing inside a restaurant waiting for a table with my husband and I. She noticed that I was pregnant. She looked at me and said, “Congratulations.” Without hesitation she told me that she had seven children and that they were all dead. I, of course, felt sadness for her.  She began to tell me the story about how they had all died. My husband wanted to leave and get to the table right away. Her suffering was too much for him. I stayed for just a few minutes more. I listened to her for just a little while. I hugged her and told her that they were all waiting to see her again soon! Sometimes all we need is for someone, even a stranger, to listen for just a few moments. If you are suffering…find someone to talk with. There is a release that happens when we can share our pain with others.

The events that have happened in your life that have caused you pain are not what is keeping you from your serenity.  Your choice to continue to suffer that pain by keeping it alive in your memory is what causes your pain today.  Feeling pain is natural.  Nourishing suffering is not.  Won’t you join me today to let me show you how you can change this?

There is so much more to give and receive!  You have the power to make all of the changes in your life so that you can find the joy that you long for!

Many Blessings!