Having someone in your life that meets your needs is such an important part of the success of a relationship.  When people in your life meet at least four of your 6 Human Needs then you can bet there will be a bond!  If your one and only can meet all 6 Human Needs then you have a bond for life!  When you can understand what your own needs are then you can begin to understand and give to someone else.  How can you give what you don’t have?  Your relationships are usually a reflection of how you feel about yourself. 

Have you heard of the expression, “We are attracted to our own level of wellness.”? It is a truth that cannot be denied.  You are in relationships with people that reflect your own self worth.  So what do you do about that?  Have you noticed that when you grow and change that your friends change?  The old adage that “misery loves company” is true.  When your happiness level increases, those people that are unhappy in your life don’t want to be around you.

You may say that it is too painful to end these relationships.  Pain is growth.  Tony Robbins says, “If you are not growing then you are dying.”  If your need for Certainty is so powerful that it keeps you from changing your world then you will certainly not have what you have always dreamed of.  Begin stretching yourself.  Go and do something different!  You are worth having worthy people in your life…like yourself!

Find Your Power!