How can I stay positive you say?  Make different choices.  For most of you, the problem is self.  Getting out of self is a major key to changing the way you feel and think about the world that you are living in.  

When your thoughts and actions are focused on what others are doing or saying then you miss the best part of you that can be a gift to the world.  You are a gift.  It doesn’t matter if you believe that or not.  It just is.  You have something to give others.  Now find out what that is and do it.

Consider this:

A man who was looking pretty dirty was holding up a cardboard sign that stated please help. This woman who was carefully watching what would happen saw many things.  She saw people handing him money, food, waving him off, giving nasty looks, and honking when he was in the way.  When the traffic cleared up a bit, she approached this man.  She asked him his name and asked him what he needed help with.  The man began to cry.  He said that he wouldn’t mind a little company for a while because the homeless life can get pretty lonely.  So she talked to him about his life and his world for about thirty minutes.  Now, every Saturday, she goes and visits this man at 8:00 am with breakfast in hand.  You see, this man used to be a doctor.  His wife and children died in a terrible car accident.  He was driving.  He couldn’t bear the pain.  He lost everything and gave up.  Her hope is that someday he will decide to return to the world again.  In the meantime, she is giving what he asked for….Help.

I challenge you to get creative!  Think about what you have to offer and contribute.  For this woman to do this, the cost was minimal but the reward was priceless.

Remember that you are the best thing that ever happened to you!  Find you and Find Your Power!

Many Blessings!