Are you teachable?  Most people when asked will say that they are open-minded, but are they really?  Do you get a belief stuck in your mind, attach emotion to that belief and then decide that others are wrong because they don’t think and feel the way you do?

Being teachable means that you are open to possibilities.  Always knowing or being right limits you.  Read that again.  Someone recently said that I know a lot of things.  My reply was simply this: I know a lot of things about many subjects but…I don’t know everything about anything.  There is always the possibility that you can learn more, experience more, be more!  That’s what’s so great about living in this world.

In relationships with others, being teachable is so key to showing and giving love.  How many times have you started thinking about what you are going to say next when someone is speaking with you.  Have you then blurted out what you wanted to say without hearing or acknowledging all that was said to you? I believe that we all have done or still do this. 

The easiest way to open up your mind is to practice two things:

Listen to what other people are saying and consider that you might either learn something or you might be able to share an experience that will help that person.


Practice saying, “I DON’T KNOW”.  These words open your mind and the mind of others.  If you are a person that constantly says, “I know”, then you have closed your mind.  “I know” implies that you will not hear any other information.  It is in essence a shut off valve.

Practice these two tools for a while and see what happens!

Find Your Power today!

Many Blessings!