In this world, we are all bombarded with so much outside information.  We have media of every form coming at us every hour, maybe every minute.  Starting my own business meant that I had to be tethered to this media.  Boy did I balk.  Still here I am and I am sure so are you. 

Talking one-on-one with another person requires that we practice something called Active Listening.  For those of you who know this technique then here is a reminder.  Active listening means that there is some repeating that is done.  You may have heard people say, “Excuse me, but did you just say…”.  You may have heard people say,”Let me repeat that…”.  That is what Active Listening is.  That is one sure way that you can know what the other person is actually communicating to you!

How many arguments could have been avoided if this were done by you?  How many times have you launched into a disagreement only to find that you misunderstood just one word?  How about a tasking at work?  Have you been told to complete a task only to find that you did the exact opposite of what you were told?  All of these situations can be improved by this form of communication.

There are some that have initially taken offense by this practice.  Once I explain that this is what I am doing, they really see how that helps.  No one has a mind that hears what is being said exactly as it is said all of the time.  This is simply because our own thoughts and emotions can and will come between.

Try this tool for the next week and see how your communication improves!

Many Blessings!