Peace to you all!

Today we are going to talk about labels.  I know that you are seeing so much of that!  Taking on a label for yourself can be a limiting function.  Here are some of them:

ADHD    Empath    Highly Sensitive Person    Depressed    Artist    Diva    Narcissist    Religious

Are you in any particular labeled category?  Here is a thought for you.  When you label yourself, you are now in a box.  The real question is whether you want to be or stay in that box.  There is nothing wrong with identifying with a certain group of people.  It is when you say that these are the only people that you can enjoy in your life.

When I was in school, I didn’t fit in the box.  I fit in all of the boxes.  What? Let me tell you…I had friends that were in all of the boxes.  I didn’t limit myself to only having friends that were in a particular group.  Little did I know, that was the beginning of the preparation for what my chosen passion would be, which is helping others to have the best possible life they can.  I love people!

What is your world like?  Expand your possibilities.  If you tell yourself you cannot…you will not!  Labels can be assets if they do not become excuses for not growing.  You may have ADHD and you have special gifts that can be of use to your fellow man.  Did you consider that having that particular label could be turned into something more powerful for your life and the lives of others? That label is not who you are.  Read that again.  Your job is not who you are.  Your friends are not who you are.  Your things are not who you are.

Come walk a journey with me to Find Your Power and discover who you are and how you want to live your life!  Call for your free Clarity session!

Many Blessings!