You are the best thing that has ever happened to you!  It is time for you to challenge the identity that you have accepted as yours but is not.  Challenging your identity is one of the key ingredients to finding out who you really are.  You may not realize that the messages that you have been given about yourself have set the stage for key decisions in your life.  Those key decisions may not have been the path that you truly wanted or needed to take. 

One woman that I know was told that she was not too talented in the area of science.  This message was given to her by a teacher.  She carried that message with her which drove her to a series of job choices that were not right for her.  She was so unhappy.  All she ever wanted to do was help people and she so loved medicine.  She used to peruse the internet for all kinds of diseases and their remedies because she loved it so much.  After much discussion about the subject she simply stated that she really had wanted to be a nurse.  I asked her why she didn’t do that.  She said that she wasn’t very talented in the area of science.    After examining that “Limiting Belief” and evaluating her “Key Decision” we found a simple solution to challenge it.  She went to her local college and took a test to determine the validity of that message.  Well, as you can imagine, she was quite gifted in the area of math and science.  She is a Nurse Practitioner today.

What path have you taken due to a message that you received from somewhere?  That message could have come from a person you know or even from the media.  You can change those messages and walk a different path.  You have the power to make the life that you want.  Remember that it is about your choices.  Choose you!

Many Blessings!