We live in a world today that makes excuses for why we choose not to deal with the events and situations that are presented to us in life.  Are you one of those?  Do you use the excuse of being stressed out in order to excuse your behavior or to justify your decisions?  Being “stressed out” is a normal part of daily living.  So let me define for you what I call stress versus growth. 

Stress is a very serious problem.  Stress is an incredible amount of social or emotional pressure that we take on.  True stress is found in major life events….definitely not in choosing which outfit you will wear today!  Those major changes are not as many as people would think.  Some of those major changes are:  divorce, marriage, death, birth of a child, career change, financial ruin purchasing a home.  When you look at your life, are any of these changes taking place right now?  There are, of course, a few other major stresses that you could be going through.  The point is to realize that you can pull through them by using the power that you have within yourself.  IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT THE STRESS IS!

Growth happens whenever you have a life experience.  Growth is how you learn lessons.  Look at the growth that happens in your life as a valuable experience that you hold in the library of your brain.  That library allows you to remember so that you can help yourself or another person in the future.  This growth is not only key to your personal growth but is also key in communications and growth for another person.  Be a part of life…alone is NOT better.

What I propose to you is this…..What if you stopped telling everyone just how “stressed” you are and start taking another look at the beautiful gift of life that you have been given?  What if you started thinking, first, that all events happening in and around you are OPPORTUNITIES FOR GROWTH.    You can change your mindset OR you can sit around feeling sorry for yourself.  You can bring your world into light OR you can decide to remain in the misery of darkness.  All of what we do is about choices.  What is your choice to be?  Do you want the experience of life and all that it has to offer OR do you want to stay in your small little world hoping that things stay the same so that you won’t have “stress”?

Choose to walk the journey with me to FIND YOUR POWER!

Many Blessings!