You have chosen the right path of joy and contentment!  I have so much that I want to teach you and you have so much to learn.  Your life needs to be a path of change and growth so that you have a purpose and can contribute to your world.  You are the most important person in your life and you need all the attention that you can possibly give yourself when you first begin to take this journey.

I want to tell you about Positive Intent today.  What does that mean?  It certainly could mean having a positive attitude.  It could mean that you want good things for those that you care about.  What I will explain to you is something a bit different. 

When we look at an undesirable behavior, we need to understand the Positive Intent behind the behavior.  Understanding that Positive Intent is the first step to understanding that behavior that you want to correct within yourself. 

Each problem behavior has a positive intent to it.  This is usually one or more of three things;  to protect, to prevent, or to provide.  The first step to this understanding is to access your feelings of gratitude for this problem behavior.  Does this sound a little nutty to you?  Well it did to me when I first heard it.  Here is an example:

Mary feels so much fear when she is in a crowd of people.  She doesn’t suffer from panic attacks but she is afraid to be boxed in with a group of people without a way out.  Mary declines going to any event where there will be many people due to this fear of hers.  What can she do?

First she can acknowledge that the fear exists.  Then she can acknowledge that she will change this behavior.  Next she will discover where this fear originated.  Once she has figured out these things then she is able to fully recognize the “why” of what she is doing.  Now here is the tricky part.  Now it is time for her to acknowledge the gift of that fear.  What?

What did her fear of crowds do for her? Her fear protected her from unknown people doing harm to her.  Her fear helped her to feel safe and secure. Acknowledging that and thanking that fear for all of the good it has done is the first step for changing that behavior.

Here is just a small thing that you can do to begin changing your life and finding your own power.  You can have all of the joy and happiness you desire. I can help you to do this!

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Many Blessings!