Good day to all of you!

Today I want to talk about a moment of change. You have all experienced change in your lives. Changes happen each and every day. Decisions happen each and every day. The human condition is to avoid change. Some people want to stay in the comfortable box they have created for their lives. Do you live in a box? Do you sometimes wonder if there is something more for you out there? There is ALWAYS something more!

What is the one thing in your life that you avoid? That one thing could be as simple as funerals or as complicated as a serious relationship. Avoidance is resistance to change. The fear of change inhibits your ability to grow and thereby affects your ability to contribute to those around you. So how do you begin to explore what change feels like?

Changing simple things in your life is a great start. Do you make your bed every day? Stop doing that for two weeks. If you don’t make your bed then start making it for two weeks . This simple action will prove to you that you CAN change and that growth will happen with that change. Next, what is the brand of your toothpaste? Buy a different one. How do you know that you really like that brand if you have never tried another one? These are simple acts. They will build up your desire to explore your world more fully. It takes courage to make changes in your life and those changes will give you the fulfillment that you so desire!

Take the challenge! Find Your Power!

Many Blessings!