Greetings to all!

Do your insides match your outsides?  What you present to others is not necessarily how you feel.  Your belief system may give you the message that you must make statements such as, “I’m fine” or “Life is good” when your truth is just the opposite.  How many of you have been told that it is polite to give such answers?  Learn to stop that pattern. 

A really great friend of mine lost her father.  She was overwhelmed with grief.  When I asked her how she was doing…you guessed it…she said “Fine.”  She was not fine.  I said, “No you are not fine!”  We spent time together helping her to process her grief.  I was a friend and I was there.  It is important that you learn to be honest with yourself and others.  Your friends cannot be there for you if you will not tell them what your need is.

What is really going on with you?  What are you using to avoid those feelings?  These are questions that you need to ask yourself.  What tools do you have to change how you feel in a healthy way?  Using outside things such as alcohol, drugs, food, or anything else obsessively does not fix the problem within you. 

There is a way to reach your ultimate level of inner peace and happiness.  It is a road full of work and the results are remarkable! You can do this!  Call me for a Clarity session free of charge!  You will leave with at least one tool that you can apply to your life! 

Find Your Power!

Many Blessings!