Open-mindedness is a state of being that requires no judgement.  Ahhh. Well what does “no judgement” mean?  What it means is that you have no thoughts or actions which would give any kind of prejudice against or for any action, behavior, belief, or thing.  Are you truly open-minded?  Many people tout that they are.  I am here to tell you that no human being is open-minded.  That expression is used as often as the “love” word and the “hate” word.  So now you know that you cannot be absolutely open-minded.  Here is the why of it.

We are all shaped by the experiences and emotions that life gives us.  You have unique experiences in your life that shape your beliefs about everything that you experience.  Where you live, the people that are in your life, the grocery store clerk, the doctor and your siblings.  You can increase the list ad infinitum.  The point is that you as a human draw a box.  You decided that what you experience is either right or wrong.  You decide that you don’t like busy grocery stores or that you dislike people with tattoos.  You are the one who makes the box. 

Do you want to improve this?  You can.  You can decide to change those beliefs and to work on that “open-mindedness”.  First you must begin by true self-honesty.  It is a daunting task but well worth the effort.  You can start examining the how and why of what you think and believe.  Where did that come from?  Did it come from your parents?  Did that belief come from the media?  Who told you that it was wrong to have what you want?  Who told you that some are different than others?  Who told you what would happen to you spiritually if you make a mistake? 

You can make strides to the path of open-mindedness by starting with you!  Get out of the box and see what a joyous and fulfilling life is possible.  Or you can stay in the box and be miserable.  What is your choice to be?  Find Your Power!

Many Blessings!