Do you have that one person in your life that almost never has anything positive to say? Are you that person? You cannot change the other person but you can certainly change yourself. Negative messages are a serious problem for good living. I have been accused of blowing sunshine up people’s rear (nice word rather than what is actually said). You bet I do. What does your world look like? Are you immersed in the news on a daily basis? What about that violent murder series that you so love to watch? What are the messages that you tell yourself about you on a daily basis? What messages do you convey to others in your life that are important to you? Do you believe that it is ok to insult people you care about and then guise it as a joke?

I challenge you! Watch the news and observe your behavior toward yourself and others. Walk away from the news for a week. Are you different? When that person says to you, “Don’t you want to know what is going on in the world?”, just say no. What are you saying no to for one week? You are saying no to violence, misery, sadness and hatred being forced upon you. You are saying no to lies and subliminal messages that affect your well being. I ask you…if there were a genuine emergency, do you not understand that you would receive an alert on your phone OR that someone will call you with that information?

My phone alarmed recently that there was a tornado heading our way. I have a friend who was in the path of that tornado. I also know that she goes to be early and that she would not know about this at 11:00 pm. I called her immediately and continued until she finally picked up. Luckily, the tornado went away. That’s what friends do for each other. If I sat by idly and assumed that she was watching the news and the tornado touched down then she could be gone. Positive results for positive action.

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Many Blessings!