When change becomes a must then you will do what it takes to make that change.  Change takes work.  Change does not come by osmosis.  When you need to make a change, you need a reason to do so.  What are your reasons? Are your relationships suffering?  How is your health?  What is your financial situation?

In order to effect this change, you MUST interrupt the emotional pattern that causes you to remain in an unwanted state of being.  Interrupting that pattern requires that you change the way you think, feel, and physically react.  Personal change is not only a mental event.  It requires a change of everything.  

What are some of the things or situations that you have been avoiding in your life?  Are those things so uncomfortable that you are afraid to bring them up?  If this is the situation then you are giving away your Power.  What would happen if you were able to confront and overcome those things?

If you concentrate on this pattern in your life then you are in the wrong place.  Focusing on what is wrong in your life does not produce change!  Effecting change takes a different approach.  Do something different than you are doing.  Instead of that piece of cake when you are angry, take a walk, breathe, pray or anything that will benefit your well being.  Choose a different path.  If you feel unworthy, change your messages to yourself.  Tell yourself what a fantastic, unique, and interesting person you really are.  Change your pattern!

There are so many beautiful gifts in this world waiting just for you!  Come walk with me and discover how to change and Find Your Power!

Many Blessings!