Here is the finest finale of all of the hard work you can do to reach your personal goals!  What does giving your gift mean?  What does it mean to you and those that you care about?  Some think that giving of themselves simply means giving money to charitable organizations and forgetting about all of the rest.  While those financial contributions are indeed very important, they are no substitute for living your life on a spiritual path.

What does that mean? I can tell you that the answer to that question is only within your own soul.  I can help you to answer those questions and develop your own path to find your power within and reach your highest intent.

Here is some inspiration for changing your path…..

What if you REALLY participated in a Pay It Forward action?  What if that action was not about a cup of expensive coffee or the toll road fee?  What if that action actually had true meaning and lasting rippling results?  Think about it.  What if you were able to see a young family clearly having financial struggles and you had groceries for a week delivered anonymously to their home?  AND YOU CAN NEVER TELL ANYONE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!  You see….it really isn’t about what they do.  It has always been about what you do.

So you did one thing for someone else.  Now get creative and do it again.  There is more…always more.  As I have said before,  you are the most powerful person in your life.  If you change yourself then your world will change.  Lay down your fears of judgement.  Give as much of yourself as you can and watch the power of those gifts change your life.

Many Blessings!